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Garden Box


Garden Box


March Box: Garden Box (3 Items)

About Monthly Surprise/Mystery Boxes

Surprise Boxes will are a themed box filled with various surprise items. Items within each box is pre planned and made for the mystery boxes exclusively. Items Have typically never been offered in the webshop, and are items that will most likely never be offered again. Box price is $50- with a minimum $80 value. Limit 1 box per person.

This is a NOT subscription, and slots are offered at a first come first serve basis- slots are limited, though if you procure a box one month, it will not guarantee your slot spot next month.

Items within the boxes will begin production on the 4th- however because all items are handmade, there is not a set time for shipment to go out- though boxes typically ship at the end of the month.

Items within the boxes will not be previewed during the time frame that slots are open, but will be slowly previewed on instagram prior to being shipped out- shipping is not included in the price of the box and is calculated based on location. *******

Please read FAQs page for additional information about shipping.

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