Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do You Accept Custom Orders ?

I do occasionally list custom portrait sculptures and paintings in the shop section. If portrait orders are not available there, I take all other commissions on a case by case basis. If you are hoping to get a portrait done, or if you have another project in mind you are welcome to email me at wawe@wawestudio.com or private message me on any of my active social media accounts. I take commissions on a case by case basis and determine whether or not to take the project based on several factors (i.e. if I feel that the requested project fits my style, size, complexity etc.). Custom projects can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on (again, complexity) or where you are in the queue if you happened to have commissioned a custom order during open portrait/commission.

Q: What are your shipping policies?

Processing time is generally 5-7 business days (this does not include weekends or holidays). Once shipped your item comes with tracking, emailed to the email provided during checkout.  Shipping is sent via the USPS ( I do not use any other shipping services) sent as first class. Generally once shipped,domestic First Class packages arrive in 3-4 business days. We are not responsible for any delays due to the processing of the packages once they've arrived in the hands of the post office. International orders are also sent via First Class USPS and generally take 2 weeks to arrive however, delays are common and occur once they arrive in customs. We are not responsible for any delays due to the handling and processing time in customs and your package can be delayed anywhere up to a month and a half.

Please refer below for more information on international shipping as well as store policy for incorrect address field provided.

Questions may email wawe@wawestudio.com 

Q: Why did my package take longer to ship than 5-7 business days?

Please understand that while typically orders are shipped within 5-7 business days, this is a small business that is constantly growing. All orders are processed by myself and my partner and while we do our best to get packages out, sometimes things can occur that may delay these packages. Sometimes a large volume of orders can slow down the processing of packages, as we have a lot more packages to do and still the same short period of time to do it!

Q: Why is international shipping so expensive?

All of my packages come with tracking, even the international ones. This ensures that the item is traceable and adds extra security when ordering. Because this is offered, the cost of international is slightly more expensive, and covers not only the cost of shipping but the materials needed to make sure that your item arrives to you safely.

Q: About Customs

When Shipped your item will be marked as "gift" as to avoid any extra fees when going through customs. I mark EVERYTHING that is inside the parcel in its respective custom forms, including the retail value of the items inside. Should there be any fees associated with your parcel because of the quantity or overall value of items inside this is ENTIRELY the responsibility of the buyer. Wawe Studios is not responsible for the fees incurred due to customs.

Q: What happens if I issue the wrong address when checking out?

PLEASE be extra careful when inputting address. If it should occur that you have included an invalid address, contact wawe@wawestudio.com IMMEDIATELY to try to resolve. If the item has already been shipped, and the address is incorrect, you will have to wait for your item to be tracked down and returned to sender before shipping it out again. Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs due to incorrect address provided. We WILL NOT ship the item a second time for free, if the initial address given during checkout is incorrect. If a second shipping is needed, please realize that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month before your items are returned to sender and available to send to you and second shipping payment can be set up once the items have returned to sender. 

Q: What happens if an item is broken during transit?

Returns are made by a case by case basis. Items that arrive broken or damaged can be exchanged for a new item as long as they are reported within 14 days of shipment arrival. Image as proof of the item broken is required before a new replacement is shipped out to you. Please realize that in this case, the item that is sent to you as replacement may differ slightly in appearance to the one originally ordered, as majority of my items are handmade and it is impossible to make each one the EXACT same. 

Q: How do I go about getting a refund?

Please make sure to carefully look over your ordering before purchasing as I do not offer refunds as a general rule. However, you may still request one and refunds are issued on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances. In the chance that you do qualify for a refund, please remember that refunds may be issued immediately but can take anywhere from 3-7 business days to receive it ( based on your card service). 

Q: How do I care for my item?

Each item is different and requires different handling, Because many of my pieces are still considered art pieces, they require more gentle handling than say,a plastic toy bought at a store. Here is a breakdown of certain handling procedures for the following items:

BAG CHARMS: Bag Charms are made as a decorative piece for your purse or backpack. They are not meant to be used on keychains where sharper metal pieces like keys are able to scratch against the surface or be slammed around. This can cause scratching on the surface of your bag charm or even breakage. For a longer lasting life of your bag charm, please use it only as such. For those who place their bag charms on backpacks to sipper pulls, remember that when placing your bag down, should the bag charm hit the floor, the=is can also cause scratching and even breakage over time. Place in an area of the bag that is noticeable but safe, where your bag charm won't receive too much friction.

CHARMS: Charms are meant to her worn gently. Using them on keychains or as zipper pulls is a sure way to damage them as over time, the force being put on the metal inside the clay can cause it to come out. These are also still considered art pieces! If your charm breaks, you can message me on how to fix it. If it is irreparable, charms that are no longer in circulation on the website may or may not be available for Made to Order. 

PLANTERS: Planters are issued a care sheet on how to care. All planters are made decoratively and are NOT meant to be watered. All planters include preserved moss which is essentially dead and requires absolutely no care. Watering your planter can damage it!

Any additional questions can be emailed to

wawe @wawestudio.com