Caterpillar Rider Pre Order

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Caterpillar Rider Pre Order


Caterpillar Rider Pin Pre Order

Pin will be approx 1.25 inches hard enamel with gold tone metal.

Will come with butterfly backing on backing card.

Those who pre-order this pin will receive it at a discounted price of 10.00

(Regular price for this item will be 12.00) and as usual, all pre-orders will come with an extra special gift. Discount codes are NOT applicable to pre-orders! So please please save your discount codes for a later order 😊

Any order placed with a pre-order will be shipped together. If you do not want to wait for your other items it is suggested that you order them separately.

Pins will ship out Mid- Late July

Pre Order set to expire 23rd unless all slots are sold out prior to this date.

If the pre-order slots are not completely sold the project will be CANCELLED and everyone will be refunded.

Backing card subject to change*

Any updates on the pin will be posted on instagram :)

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